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Air quality application „Today I Breathe“

11. 01. 2023 Ovzdušie

Recently, the mobile application "Dnes dýcham" (en. Today I Breathe) was successfully launched, with its goal to raise public awareness of air quality in Slovakia. The mobile application displays informative values ​​of the level of air pollution under the designation of AQI - air quality index.

Screenshots of the mobile app and QR codes for downloading the app
Source: LIFE Populair

It has 3 colours – green, orange and red, just as traffic lights. The purpose of such evaluation is to summarize and comprehensibly inform the general public about the current state of air quality through a simple colour and verbal scale. Air quality index values ​​are created on the basis of data from automatic monitoring stations operated by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI).

In the application, it is possible to choose from which stations push notification regarding the changes in the air quality status will be sent. Push notifications can be sent from the selected, but also from all of the stations. They are sent when the air quality changes with a message on the current value of the air quality index.

Through the mobile application, the user will quickly and clearly learn not only what the current state of air quality is in the selected locations in Slovakia, but also about recommendations on whether and how it is necessary to limit activities in the outdoor environment, especially for the endangered population group.

Among other things, it also allows you to send a report about possible local air pollution by filling in a form with the option of adding a photo of the pollution site and a short description.

To improve the functionality of the application, the users have the possibility to send a short message with suggestions for improvement.

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Environmental Agency, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute and the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava participated in the development of the mobile application as a part of the implementation of LIFE integrated project under the name of POPULAIR.